Why Doug Thomas for State Senate?

October 3, 2010
Common Sense

Why Doug Thomas for State Senate?

I’ll tell you why. Doug has the knowledge and proven background to turn our state into a place again where you can be proud to say Maine is a good place to make a living and a great place to live and raise your family.

Doug has served on many boards and committees serving his community and the sate of Maine as a small business owner for 35 years and dealing with the red tape and restrictions put on all small business owners. He will bring common sense back to government.

His six years on the transportation committee has greatly helped fix rural roads.

Join us and vote for common sense. Doug Thomas, Paul LePage, Jason Levesque, Paul Davis and Pete Johnson will get the job done right.


Just Curious…

August 4, 2010

Wouldn’t you just love to know what the actual contract between the town of Dover-Foxcroft (us) and the Arnold Development Corp. really is? I wonder if any of the real estate companies in town would be willing to hold property for potential buyers for 12 whole months and then go out and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix that property up, just in case the potential buyers decide to purchase it? Sounds like a great deal, if you are the Arnold Development Corp.

The town has already received two or three grants to make this building more attractive to buyers. Now the town manager is bragging about getting a $250,000 grant, plus the $600,000 to address the hazardous waste. On top of that, the headlines recently tell us that Olympia Snowe is certain she can obtain another $1,000,000 grant for this supposedly wonderful project. Wonderful for whom? How much of this money will be accessible to the Arnold Development Corp.? How many local contractors will get any of this money ? You notice there are always sewer projects to be accomplished in these projects? Who do you suppose will get large slices of that money? Will the town officials get large chunks of money for “administration” of the grant? Is our town manager writing the applications for these grants; and, if so, who is doing his work? Who is responsible for the repayment of these grants if Arnold Development Corp walks away? I wonder how much we will need to borrow to get these grants? Isn’t this site considered to be in the Pine Tree Zone? Doesn’t that mean that the Arnold Development Corp. will not be required to pay any real estate taxes for ten years?

Why is it that none of these grants are itemized in the budget in such a way that all citizens can easily see how much was granted and exactly how it was spent? Why has it been necessary to discuss all these grants and future plans for this building behind closed doors in Executive Committee Sessions? Is the only right left for Dover-Foxcroft citizens that of being the ones to pay the bills?

Does any of this sound like it will be beneficial to the town of Dover-Foxcroft or only to small special interest groups?


What happens when Republicans don’t support Republicans?

August 4, 2010

Seen in a recent Letter to the Editors Page–

It is interesting to know who Mr. Lizotte and other designated Republicans are going to support for our next Governor of the State of Maine. I must say that I am very disappointed in their strategy. Divide the vote three ways and we wind up with what we have now! Yes, Tom, people do change their thinking and the way they do things, but in reality not very often. Today I want evidence that someone can do what they say they can do. I don’t want promises. Just look what promises have gotten us into. Paul LePage doesn’t have to promise anything he has proven what he can do- turned a major city around by lowering property taxes, adding millions to the rainy day fund and improved the business climate, among other things. Paul has walked the walk and talked the talk while in the midst of a strong Democratic community. It is obvious his leadership is not about taxing and spending. He is a breath of fresh air. Paul can say “yes” and he can say “no”. He is not a career politician nor is he a lawyer. He is a successful businessman. I am supporting Paul LePage as the best person for the job and for this time in the history of our state. To put it simple we have three choices for our next governor keep the status quo(tax, spend, grow government); promises ( no track record) or change the direction of our state with leadership that has a proven record. Paul has a proven record…. he has my support. I hope he will have yours.

Political Saga of Dover-Foxcroft

June 24, 2010
What a month June has turned out to be. The town had three elections; our regular June election, an emergency special town meeting, and, second special town meeting election because the town officials thought we needed more time and a special election day to vote on five articles. 

Speaking of elections, at the last selectman meeting, June 14, SAD 68 school board informed the town that school board representative Alex Dade had resigned. 

The board had an opportunity to fill Mr. Dade’s seat with a simple selectman’s vote, costing no money or special election. But they refused to do so. So much for “it’s for the children.” 

Two candidates had applied to Jack Clukey to fill the seat on as a temporary position until the next election in November. One of the candidates was Ron Perry, husband of selectman Joyce Perry, who abstained from the vote, as she should. Ron had received over 400 (446) votes in the June 8th election, but didn’t win a seat on the school bard. 

The town has lost a voice on the school board by not filling this position immediately. One would have to wonder was it a vote against Joyce Perry? Just asking. 

On June 19th Dover-Folcroft had it first tea party and rally at Kiwanis’ Park at the gazebo. Lots of speakers on a very warm and nice day at the park. 

The theme of the day was less government and more accountability, less spending at all levels of government, local, state, federal. 

Speaking of government, this coming Wednesday, June 30th, at Central Hall, several Dover-Republicans will hold a caucus to elect a town committee officials. 6:00 pm at the old town office. 

How about some family fun? Sunday, June 27, Milo Car Show at the JSI Store parking lot on Route 11. 10am to 2pm. Fun for all ages.  See you there. 

BULLETIN June 10th Election

June 7, 2010
From Blog web master—This was just received today


How many of you Dover-Foxcroft readers are aware that there will be THREE not two budget votes this year? There will be the regular annual budget warrant on June 8. Then, there will be what the town officials are calling the LAND USE REGULATION vote on June 22. How many of you know that included in the Land Use Regulation vote are two more articles requesting approval for yet another Wastewater Treatment grant and a raise in the sewer bills? What does that have to do with wastewater treatment? How untransparent and sneaky can they be? The real reason, is that they hope no one will show up to oppose what they want.

As if that chicanery isn’t enough, there is now a THIRD “Special Town Meeting” on June 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building because the Selectmen and Town Manager have decided they need $92,000 to attend an auction. It seems there is a big equipment auction coming up and they want to buy even more capital equipment for the public works department. I wonder if they will give me a couple of thousand dollars so I can attend. The Pied Piper,Mr. Maas has now convinced them that ALL the capital equipment at the town garage is well over 25 years old. Don’t you all remember the town manager buying TWO loaders when he first became manager? Wasn’t that seven years ago? The dump trucks I see around town can’t be five yeas old. Is that stupidity on their part, or are they outright lying to us?

The town officials have known about this auction since prior to the May 25 Selectmen’s meetings. However, they have chosen not to put an article in either the Bangor Daily News or The Piscataquis Observer. They don’t even have the decently to keep those of us who pay the bills up to date on what they are doing? Had I not happened to have been looking at town’s Time Warner calendar I would have known nothing about this. Even on that site, there was only a statement saying there would be a meeting, nothing about a vote requiring approval to spend $92,000. How are the people who do not subscribe to cable television supposed to know?

What kind of responsible town officials would first tell their citizens that the fire house floor was DANGEROUSLY flawed and must be fixed immediately; then put the request for the $100,000 to fix it on an alternate budget rather than in the essential budget; then wait for months and return to citizens with another warrant requesting the money; when, obviously, they had money in surplus which could have fixed that floor? That must make our fire fighters feel they really care what happens to them.

What kind of responsible town officials would tell it’s citizenry during the budget process that they had cut the budget to the bare bone only to FIND nearly $100,000 when they wish to buy some new toys?

What on earth is the matter with the taxpayers of D-F! Haven’t you had enough of the spendthrifts in this town throwing your money away? How much longer are you going to simply sit by and watch?

signed:  RIPPED

June 8 Election in Dover

May 16, 2010

Dover-Foxcroft, Maine — It’s been a few years since Doverites have been able to vote for elected officials and the town budget in the privacy of a voting booth instead of at a meeting where everyone knows how you vote. 

This June you can vote the same way, by secret ballot. You can vote to elect Bil Weidner for Selectman. His membership on the Town Budget Advisory Committee this year shows he is not afraid to question things that have always been done one way. 
On June 8th Dover-Foxcroft voters need to vote for their pocket-books first. Don’t vote for community first, don’t vote for town hall first, don’t vote for non-profits first. Vote your wallet first.  
If you are irate about your new tax bill or the continual drain on the town budget as it grows and grows. Vote for Bil Weidner. Vote you wallet. 
We support Bil Weidner for Dover-Foxcroft Selectman. You can learn more info at www.doverfoxcroftmaine.wordpress.com. 




Catherine says: To Bil Weidner:

May 10, 2010

Bil you are the most recent victim as you sacrificed your comfort and reputation to try to bring The abuse and bullying continues in Dover-Foxcroft! Bil, you are the most transparency and offer suggestions for balancing an out-of-control budget.

But be of good cheer, many of us understand the real struggle here is to destroy Democracy and raise up Social Justice. You may have noticed that Dover-Boy admits to fear of discovery as he employs his fictitious name to hide his venomous attack. What cowardice! Where is his freedom and liberty?

To quote Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Fight on, Bil! You are a breath of fresh air in this stagnant town, full of self-serving people who have been in power too long. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so truth is in the heart of those who want it.

Unlike the deceptive Dover Boy, I see in you a principled, honest man of character and courage with a positive vision of hope for and pride in this town.

And yes – you have my vote!

What is the REAL Dover-Foxcroft?

April 20, 2010

A real citizen speaks.

I have a business card describing this blog as being about the REAL Dover-Foxcroft. After reading the comments and responses, I am convinced this town has become infected with a social disease. Maybe it’s hoof and mouth since some of the blogs are dripping with Chicago style sarcasm.

For sure members of O.F.A. (Organizing for America) were training community organizers here in one of our local churches. What for? A community garden, initiated by one of these groups, pushed the town administration to permit them to start their project several years ago and has yet to produce its first crop. Wasn’t there a grant to support this project? Interesting the only “red” (Republican) County in New England is suddenly a hot bed for these strident politicals. Why?

The current Washington, D.C. business model appears to have rubbed off on elements within this town. What’s their goal? Tax and spend? Perhaps their latest “community project” with bitter and angry sarcasm by some of the towns’ familiar names, faces and freeloaders, is an attempt to further divide the town. Why?

We can only question what the true agenda behind this latest effort to ridicule and humiliate caring citizens is all about? Does somebody need their Ego stroked?

If my card is correct and what I read on this blog is what the REAL Dover-Foxcroft is all about, I can understand why so many homes are for sale and business activity is about gone. To paraphrase Shakespeare, who saw things very clearly in his day, There’s something rotten in the Town of Dover Foxcroft!

Another response to “Seeking Transparency in Town Hall”

April 19, 2010

Dover friend says:

Hats off to you Lori – it sure didn’t take you long to break through the veneer of deceit, only to discover the facade of self-interest and a lineup of ego centricity.

Your “cut to the chase” analysis pointed directly at the warts dotting this town administration. It’s clear that hypocrisy fogs what to some of us is so transparent. Have a Board of Selectmen elected on the basis of name recognition who, save one, maybe two, serve in their own self-interest. A Budget Advisory Committee appointed by the Selectmen (easy to see where their loyalties exist), and a group of us attempting to reform a system that steadfastly refuses to operate in the public interest. No wonder police attend the meetings.

Fiscal year after fiscal year citizens have pleaded for accountability, yet the budget, as proposed, is almost incomprehensible. It’s clear the Town Manager masterfully employs the “smoke and mirrors” concept; most of the Budget Advisory Committee refuses to hear recommendations by some of its own members. Even ideas to help reduce the budget are discounted, and this year “old line” Budget Committee members pummeled a new member because he dared “think outside the box” with potential savings. Absolutely the public presence is only a necessary evil in order to make it all look so democratic.

If you really want to observe the “same old” in action come to the Town Meeting on April 24 and watch the hogs blissfully vote taxpayer funds in order to fill their respective troughs. You’ve got one opportunity to change it all and that is at the voting booth by secret ballot in June.

Keep on observing Lori, and writing the truth. Your words are very disturbing to those hiding behind their perceived power and inflated sense of self. We’re with you!


April 15, 2010

The calendar says its spring. Taxes are due to both the state and federal, not counting our local taxes which will be through the roof, again. This time around 2-3 mils, I guess. 

But enough about taxes for now. It is time to put up the old snow shovel and break down the roof rake, drain the gas out of the snow blower. Don’t throw that gas away- save it for the lawn mower. Gas looks like it will be $3.00 a gallon by the end of May. 

The grass is growing faster than normal because of the higher than normal temperature that has occurred lately. The flowers and lawns in the front yard are fighting for their lives trying to push through the heavy amount of road sand that collects there. 

We will rent a power broom and sweep the rocks and sand back on the road before the contract sweeper comes by and kicks up the sand on the side of the road. Hope the old back holds out. Where are the young strong healthy kids that want to work these days? 

What is with this town and foreclosures that are skyrocketing out of control? Pretty soon the whole town will be fore sale by foreclosures because the property, sewer and water taxes are so high. 

The rate we are going foreclosures will catch up with the real estate for sale. 

How about all the empty stores on Main Street? Not looking too good. That will keep the tourist motoring right on through town. 

Speaking of Main Street what about the hydro-seeding done last fall? The snow is gone and so is the grass seed. Nothing but mud. 

It is spring time. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Pick up some trash that had been hidden by the snow. 

If this makes you hungry stop in at Butterfields Ice Cream store. Have a large cone — they are open for the season!